Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing and Sizing Women’s Muscle T-Shirts

Women's Muscle T-Shirts

Women’s muscular t-shirts have established themselves as a fundamental component of chic and comfortable gym clothing. These adaptable clothes are popular among active ladies because they combine usefulness and fashion. A well-fitted women’s muscle tee can increase your self-confidence while improving your performance when working out or running errands.  But how to choose the right muscle tee for yourself? To help you out, we’ll walk you through the process of sizing and choosing the ideal muscle tee for women. 

Get Comfort and Convenience From Women’s Muscle Tee

A women’s muscle t-shirt, also referred to as a muscle tee or muscle tank, shows off your arms and shoulders while providing the desired convenience and comfort of sleeveless clothing. These tees come with bigger armholes, sleeveless shapes, and loose fit, offering the best possible movement while exercising. Furthermore, the aesthetic designs or motivational texts on these t-shirts are good to boost one’s motivation during a tough workout session. 

Choosing the Right Fabric

You need to pick the right fabric for your muscle t-shirts to get maximum comfort and performance. It is best to go for fabrics with moisture-wicking ability, such as polyester blends or other technical textiles. With the removal of sweat from the body while keeping you dry, these fabrics feel comfortable while performing strenuous activities. Cotton blends are another popular option due to their breathability and softness. This makes them ideal for leisure activities or daily wear. 

Determine the Right Size

For your muscle tee to fit perfectly, proper sizing is essential. Although muscle tees are designed to have a loose fit, you should still avoid wearing one that is too loose or too tight. The following instructions may help you determine your perfect size:

Measurements: Begin with measuring your waist, bust, and hips using a measuring tape. You need to note down the measurements for reference choosing the right size. 

Fit Preference: Keep in mind your preference. Whether you like a more fitted look or a looser one, choose the right size as per your personal style. As per the desired size, you can choose a larger size for a relaxed fit or pick a smaller size for a closer fit. 

Size Chart: You need to compare your measurements with the given size chart online to find the right size as per your desired fit.

Armhole Placement: Also, check the armhole placement of your t-shirts. It shouldn’t be too low or high, as this can impact both aesthetics and comfort.  

Length: Choose the accurate length for enough coverage, without being too short or too long for you. 

Trying It On

When trying on the tee, consider these factors: 

Shoulder Fit: 

Your shoulders’ outer edges and the shoulder seams should line up. The fit might not be ideal if they are too far in or out.

Fit of Armholes: 

A full range of motion should be possible via the armholes without any chafing or irritation.


To make sure the shirt doesn’t restrict your movement, move about, stretch, and make a few arm movements. It should be at ease while engaging in diverse activities.

Consult size charts:

Always check the size chart before buying a tee. The optimum fit is not achievable if you use usual size, as sizes may vary from company to company. Find the size that fits you best by taking your measurements and comparing them to the sizing chart.

Understand Your Body Type:

You must know your body type in detail before you purchase a muscle tee. It is because distinct muscle tee designs may accentuate various body types. For instance, you may select a muscle tee with bigger armholes in case your shoulders are wider. This tee would offer you a more comfortable and relaxing feel. 


Muscle t-shirts for women are distinctly stylish and practical clothing options for athletes or those who workout daily or casual wear. It is best to understand your measurements, with the right size charts while taking into account your preferences and individual fit. Whether you go to a gym or for a casual day out, a muscle tee gives you a perfect athletic appearance on the go. However, you need to choose the right fabric, right fit, and also pay attention to the details, such as armhole positioning. After all, the right muscle tee is all you need to look great and perform at your peak. 


From Classic to Trendy: The Different Styles of Drop Shoulder Sweatshirts

The Different Styles of Drop Shoulder Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are present in almost everybody’s wardrobe. The best thing about these simple clothing items is that they are very versatile, as these are easy to style in different ways. For instance, you can pair them with a pair of jeans for a casual look, with a skirt for a stylish outfit, or even with formal pants and a blazer for a semi-formal vibe. Another good thing about sweatshirts is that they are very comfortable and also available in various designs and styles. However, one popular sweatshirt style that we are seeing more commonly in recent years is a ‘drop shoulder sweatshirt.’

A drop-shoulder sweatshirt comes with a variation in the classic design of a sweatshirt. In this particular sweatshirt, shoulder seams are dropped lower than standard sweatshirts. This creates more of an oversized and relaxed appearance. Originally, this style gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s when some streetwear brands started selling this sweatshirt everywhere. 

Even drop-shoulder sweatshirts are highly versatile and can be easily dressed up with pants or a skirt, or dressed down with a pair of sneakers and jeans. These sweatshirts come in various materials ranging from lightweight cotton to comfy fleece. Hence, one can easily wear this sweatshirt type throughout the year without a fail. All in all, this sweatshirt is available in various styles, from trendy to classic. So, one can find desired drop shoulder sweatshirts to match their personal clothing style. 

Here are some stylish ways to explore different drop-shoulder sweatshirt styles to create distinct outfits and looks:

Classic Drop Shoulder Sweatshirts

One can invest in the classic drop-shoulder sweatshirt by American Apparel California for attaining a timeless style that won’t go out of fashion. This particular sweatshirt consists of cozy fleece material and is available in a wide range of colors, ranging from neutral to bold and bright. Also, available in drop shoulder and relaxed fit, this clothing piece gives an effortless and casual appearance to the wearer. This makes it an ideal clothing piece for running errands or lounging.

Trendy Drop Shoulder Sweatshirts

Want to add an edgy style to your everyday look? Consider opting for a trendy drop-shoulder sweatshirt with graphics or bold prints or unique details, like asymmetric hemlines or cutouts. You may even buy a cropped style drop shoulder sweatshirt to sit above your waist for a feminine and flattering silhouette. Wear it with a high-waisted skirt or jeans for an effortless look. Or layer this cropped sweatshirt over a dress for a feminine trendy look. 

Another popular drop-shoulder sweatshirt style that we are seeing lately is an acid wash or tie-dye design. These are perfect for adding a pop of color to any basic outfit or for a retro flair. Such sweatshirt designs look amazing with leather pants or skinny jeans for an outstanding outfit. 

Athletic Drop Shoulder Sweatshirts

Are you someone who prefers more of a sporty or athletic look? If so, consider buying an athletic drop-shoulder sweatshirt. These sweatshirts consist of breathable and moisture-absorbing materials. This makes them ideal to wear during sports or workout activities. 

A hooded or oversized Greek letters sweatshirt is a popular style for an athletic look. The hoodies are quite a practical style, which one can wear on any occasion. It is best to wear them with joggers or leggings for a sporty and comfortable look. 

Custom Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt

If you want to create a personalized sweatshirt to match your unique personality? Consider investing in a sweatshirt with a custom design. There are many reputed online shops, like Show Your Spirit, that enable customers to design their clothing items as per their liking and preferences. 

Quick tips for styling different styles of drop shoulder sweatshirts

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind for styling drop shoulder sweatshirt:

    1. One can pair it with high-waisted jeans along with ankle boots for a casual-chic appearance. 

    2. Consider wearing a cropped sweatshirt in this style with a high-waisted skirt or jeans for a trendy look. 

    3. Dress it with a midi skirt and heels for an effortlessly stylish outfit. 

    4. 0Consider adding statement earrings or a necklace with a sweatshirt for enhancing the overall look. 

    5. Layer this sweatshirt over a turtleneck or collared shirt for another stylish look. 

    6. Wear a graphic sweatshirt with leather pants and combat boots for an edgy outfit. 

    7. Wear an athletic sweatshirt with joggers or leggings and comfy sneakers for an athletic look.

    8. Try wearing a monochromatic outfit with a sweatshirt with a similar-colored skirt or trousers.  

    9. In winter, add a layer of a leather jacket or puffer jacket over this sweatshirt for a style statement and an extra layer of warmth. 

    10. Also, consider accessorizing it with a hat or scarf for a chic look. 


Drop shoulder sweatshirts are very comfortable and versatile, as one can wear them in different ways. Whether you like trendy, classic, or sporty outfits, there are several ways to style a drop-shoulder sweatshirt. However, one must be aware of their personal style to consider styling this sweatshirt as per their liking and taste. If you want to personalize it, consider buying a customized sweatshirt with your preferred design, Greek letters, or a picture via Show Your Spirit. For more information, visit their official website and explore all the customization options you get. 


Creative Ways to Style a Women’s Muscle Tee

Creative Ways to Style a Women’s Muscle Tee

Women’s muscle tees are comfy, relaxed, and fashionable. They’re ideal for hot summer days when you want to feel cool, trendy, and sporty. While many ladies use muscle tees for workouts, these can also be styled with a variety of clothes to create a trendy look. 

So, how to achieve a stylish look using a simple muscle tee? 

5 Creative and Stylish Ways to Wear Women’s Muscle Tee:

1. Wear it with high-waisted shorts

Pairing a muscle tee with high-waisted shorts is one of the simplest and coolest ways to wear it. This style is ideal for a casual day out or a trip to the beach. The high-waisted shorts lengthen your legs and make you appear taller and thinner. 

Use a printed muscle tee to make this outfit even more fashionable. It might be floral, graphic, or a combination of the two. To create a more defined waistline, tuck the tee into the shorts. Use sandals or sneakers to complete the look.

Want to add a touch of personalization to it? Consider custom printing or local embroidery services for reflecting your individual style through a tee. You can design your tee with your initials, name, or any small design of your choice. 

2. Put on a denim jacket over it

Wear your regular muscle tee with a chic denim jacket to accentuate its entire look. This outfit is perfect for a windy summer evening or just for a day to hang out with your friends. When you add a layer of denim over a tee, it also adds a layer of warmth along with chic style. 

You can pair your tee with regular high-waisted trousers/jeans and a denim jacket to complete the look. For balancing off the whole texture of the “denim on denim,” it’s best to pick a plain muscle tee. 

3. Dress it up with a midi skirt

Want to dress up your muscle tee? Consider wearing it with a trendy midi skirt. It would be a great outfit for a romantic night, casual day out with friends, or even a formal dinner party. However, you need to choose the right midi skirt to match the look with the desired occasion. 

To lengthen your legs, you can wear your favorite pair of sandals or heels. And, further complete the whole look with elegant earrings or necklace.  

4. Team it with your wide-leg pants

How about teaming your regular or custom muscle tee with a wide-led trousers? This will give a casual-chic look to you. You dress up for a weekend brunch or dress down for a casual day at your office by choosing the right pair of trousers. 

Also, add a belt to define the waistline for a more feminine appearance. Wear sneakers or sandals, as per your comfort.  

5. Layer it under a blazer

Finally, you can put your muscle tee underneath a jacket to create a different look. This outfit is ideal for a business meeting, a job interview, or a formal occasion. 

To achieve this style, wear a plain muscle tee with a blazer and pants. For a more professional appearance, add a pair of heels or flats. To finish the appearance, consider wearing a striking necklace or earrings.

Tips to restyle same muscle tee in different ways

What if you only have one plain or custom muscle tee? How to style it in different ways? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind to restyle the same muscle tee in several ways: 

  I. Knot it

One of the simplest ways to upgrade the look of your muscle tee is to knot it. This approach will turn your plain muscle shirt into a stylish crop top. Knotting your muscle tee at the waistline might make your waist appear smaller and your outline more defined. 

  II. Layering

Layering your muscle tee is another way to update it. Layer it over a long-sleeved shirt, under a jacket or blazer, or over a turtleneck sweater. This method assists you in transitioning your muscle shirt from summer to fall or winter. 

  III. Include Accessories

Accessories may completely modify your outfit with a muscle tee. To dress up your muscle shirt look, add a distinctive necklace, scarf, cap, or a set of earrings. Accessories can also give a splash of color or texture to your look, making it more fascinating and one-of-a-kind.

  IV. Wear it with different types of bottoms

Your muscle tee can be worn with high-waisted jeans, shorts, a denim skirt, or wide-leg pants. The key to creating a range of clothes is to experiment with different styles and silhouettes, or distinct colors and patterns. 


A muscle tee for women is a versatile piece of apparel that can be worn in a variety of ways. There are innovative ways to make the most of your muscle tee, whether you’re trying for a casual or sophisticated look. Consider choosing the right muscle tee at a women’s custom or local embroidery shop to add a personal touch to your tee and make it one-of-a-kind.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Custom T-Shirts

custom design t shirt

Custom-made apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stoles and even jackets are quite common these days, especially in the corporate culture. Most companies want their employees to look professional, ensuring that they adorn the brand name whenever at work, to look more professional. Apart from businesses, even schools and colleges have custom-designed apparel to make their students stand out. Sometimes, people also tend to order specially designed apparel to strengthen friendship bonds or just for the fun of it.

How to Avoid The Most Common Mistakes While Choosing Custom T-Shirts

Regardless of what your reasons might be, designing and ordering special custom-made t-shirts is certainly not child’s play. Whether you want the standard printed t-shirts, or make them more exclusive with delicate embroidery, there are a lot of decisions to be made, and certain aspects of the design to be finalized before placing the order. Just one small mistake, or forgetting about a minor detail could sour all your plans. So, before placing an order for your next set of custom t-shirts, take a glance at these top mistakes you must avoid. You can also take the help of professional t-shirt designers to plan and place the order. It will help you save time, additional resources, and unnecessary expenses.

Don’t Just Compare the Costs

When ordering in bulk, we normally opt to choose a business that quotes the cheapest rates. However, not everything that is available cheaply can guarantee reliability. When you’ve put so much effort into planning out how your custom-made t-shirt will look like, don’t just sacrifice it all for the price. It is better to compare customer reviews for websites offering custom embroidery services, or prints on different items of clothing. You would also like to take a look at the materials used, the type of print, and how long it would stay, along with the sizes available of the product you wish to order.

Not Finalising the Design Beforehand

If you plan to get some custom-made t-shirts, it is important to thoroughly think about what type of design or branding you’ll want on the clothes. It’s best to choose something that goes in tandem with your brand’s policies and is designed in sync with the brand’s colors. After the designing is done, collaborate with the custom embroidery service provider to know what type of file they’d require to create your t-shirts exactly as you want them. It would be even better to confirm the final design with them over a video call.

Wrong Fitting

The standard sizes don’t always fit everyone, and you must consider this before placing an order for your custom franchisee. Moreover, ill-fitting t-shirts would look highly unprofessional for your business’s image, especially when your team is headed out for an event or is meeting with your clients. Before placing the order, consider asking your employees for the size and measurements that fit them best, and share these details with the company you are placing the order. Whether you choose custom graduation stoles, t-shirts, hoodies, business shirts, or jackets, getting the final products in the right fit is extremely important.

Poorly Timed Order

Imagine if you have planned everything in detail for a particular event, and have finally placed the order, but your custom t-shirts don’t get delivered on time, or the order is missing some pieces? All you’ll be able to do is remain helpless and think about something that would salvage the situation. Prefer to place your order well in advance instead, so that if something messes up, you’ll have sufficient time to remedy the situation.

Quantity & Distribution Strategy

Over-purchasing or ordering fewer t-shirts than required isn’t something you’d want. You must first assess the exact number of t-shirts your staff would require, and then order just a couple extra in each size so that there’s no shortage. The same principle applies to the distribution. You must chalk out a plan to distribute the t-shirts so that every employee gets his or her accurate size.

Wrapping Up

Ordering and designing custom t-shirts is not as easy as it seems. Whether you’ve asked an associate to place the order and handle every aspect of the deal, or you are doing it yourself, every decision must be carefully planned out well in advance. After all, the t-shirts you are ordering are meant to symbolize something, be it showcasing your brand values and image, or merely acting as a distinguishing factor for your team at an event.

Show your spirit offers a myriad of custom t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, stoles, and lots of other merchandise. We have a team of talented designers who’d love to recreate exactly what’s on your mind while sharing helpful tips that’ll make your brand stand out from the crowd. So, the next time you feel conflicted and confused with the number of decisions you need to make, just give us a call, and our experts will professionally guide you and aid in getting exactly what you want.