Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Custom T-Shirts

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Custom-made apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stoles and even jackets are quite common these days, especially in the corporate culture. Most companies want their employees to look professional, ensuring that they adorn the brand name whenever at work, to look more professional. Apart from businesses, even schools and colleges have custom-designed apparel to make their students stand out. Sometimes, people also tend to order specially designed apparel to strengthen friendship bonds or just for the fun of it.

How to Avoid The Most Common Mistakes While Choosing Custom T-Shirts

Regardless of what your reasons might be, designing and ordering special custom-made t-shirts is certainly not child’s play. Whether you want the standard printed t-shirts, or make them more exclusive with delicate embroidery, there are a lot of decisions to be made, and certain aspects of the design to be finalized before placing the order. Just one small mistake, or forgetting about a minor detail could sour all your plans. So, before placing an order for your next set of custom t-shirts, take a glance at these top mistakes you must avoid. You can also take the help of professional t-shirt designers to plan and place the order. It will help you save time, additional resources, and unnecessary expenses.

Don’t Just Compare the Costs

When ordering in bulk, we normally opt to choose a business that quotes the cheapest rates. However, not everything that is available cheaply can guarantee reliability. When you’ve put so much effort into planning out how your custom-made t-shirt will look like, don’t just sacrifice it all for the price. It is better to compare customer reviews for websites offering custom embroidery services, or prints on different items of clothing. You would also like to take a look at the materials used, the type of print, and how long it would stay, along with the sizes available of the product you wish to order.

Not Finalising the Design Beforehand

If you plan to get some custom-made t-shirts, it is important to thoroughly think about what type of design or branding you’ll want on the clothes. It’s best to choose something that goes in tandem with your brand’s policies and is designed in sync with the brand’s colors. After the designing is done, collaborate with the custom embroidery service provider to know what type of file they’d require to create your t-shirts exactly as you want them. It would be even better to confirm the final design with them over a video call.

Wrong Fitting

The standard sizes don’t always fit everyone, and you must consider this before placing an order for your custom franchisee. Moreover, ill-fitting t-shirts would look highly unprofessional for your business’s image, especially when your team is headed out for an event or is meeting with your clients. Before placing the order, consider asking your employees for the size and measurements that fit them best, and share these details with the company you are placing the order. Whether you choose custom graduation stoles, t-shirts, hoodies, business shirts, or jackets, getting the final products in the right fit is extremely important.

Poorly Timed Order

Imagine if you have planned everything in detail for a particular event, and have finally placed the order, but your custom t-shirts don’t get delivered on time, or the order is missing some pieces? All you’ll be able to do is remain helpless and think about something that would salvage the situation. Prefer to place your order well in advance instead, so that if something messes up, you’ll have sufficient time to remedy the situation.

Quantity & Distribution Strategy

Over-purchasing or ordering fewer t-shirts than required isn’t something you’d want. You must first assess the exact number of t-shirts your staff would require, and then order just a couple extra in each size so that there’s no shortage. The same principle applies to the distribution. You must chalk out a plan to distribute the t-shirts so that every employee gets his or her accurate size.

Wrapping Up

Ordering and designing custom t-shirts is not as easy as it seems. Whether you’ve asked an associate to place the order and handle every aspect of the deal, or you are doing it yourself, every decision must be carefully planned out well in advance. After all, the t-shirts you are ordering are meant to symbolize something, be it showcasing your brand values and image, or merely acting as a distinguishing factor for your team at an event.

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