Creative Ways to Style a Women’s Muscle Tee

Creative Ways to Style a Women’s Muscle Tee

Women’s muscle tees are comfy, relaxed, and fashionable. They’re ideal for hot summer days when you want to feel cool, trendy, and sporty. While many ladies use muscle tees for workouts, these can also be styled with a variety of clothes to create a trendy look. 

So, how to achieve a stylish look using a simple muscle tee? 

5 Creative and Stylish Ways to Wear Women’s Muscle Tee:

1. Wear it with high-waisted shorts

Pairing a muscle tee with high-waisted shorts is one of the simplest and coolest ways to wear it. This style is ideal for a casual day out or a trip to the beach. The high-waisted shorts lengthen your legs and make you appear taller and thinner. 

Use a printed muscle tee to make this outfit even more fashionable. It might be floral, graphic, or a combination of the two. To create a more defined waistline, tuck the tee into the shorts. Use sandals or sneakers to complete the look.

Want to add a touch of personalization to it? Consider custom printing or local embroidery services for reflecting your individual style through a tee. You can design your tee with your initials, name, or any small design of your choice. 

2. Put on a denim jacket over it

Wear your regular muscle tee with a chic denim jacket to accentuate its entire look. This outfit is perfect for a windy summer evening or just for a day to hang out with your friends. When you add a layer of denim over a tee, it also adds a layer of warmth along with chic style. 

You can pair your tee with regular high-waisted trousers/jeans and a denim jacket to complete the look. For balancing off the whole texture of the “denim on denim,” it’s best to pick a plain muscle tee. 

3. Dress it up with a midi skirt

Want to dress up your muscle tee? Consider wearing it with a trendy midi skirt. It would be a great outfit for a romantic night, casual day out with friends, or even a formal dinner party. However, you need to choose the right midi skirt to match the look with the desired occasion. 

To lengthen your legs, you can wear your favorite pair of sandals or heels. And, further complete the whole look with elegant earrings or necklace.  

4. Team it with your wide-leg pants

How about teaming your regular or custom muscle tee with a wide-led trousers? This will give a casual-chic look to you. You dress up for a weekend brunch or dress down for a casual day at your office by choosing the right pair of trousers. 

Also, add a belt to define the waistline for a more feminine appearance. Wear sneakers or sandals, as per your comfort.  

5. Layer it under a blazer

Finally, you can put your muscle tee underneath a jacket to create a different look. This outfit is ideal for a business meeting, a job interview, or a formal occasion. 

To achieve this style, wear a plain muscle tee with a blazer and pants. For a more professional appearance, add a pair of heels or flats. To finish the appearance, consider wearing a striking necklace or earrings.

Tips to restyle same muscle tee in different ways

What if you only have one plain or custom muscle tee? How to style it in different ways? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind to restyle the same muscle tee in several ways: 

  I. Knot it

One of the simplest ways to upgrade the look of your muscle tee is to knot it. This approach will turn your plain muscle shirt into a stylish crop top. Knotting your muscle tee at the waistline might make your waist appear smaller and your outline more defined. 

  II. Layering

Layering your muscle tee is another way to update it. Layer it over a long-sleeved shirt, under a jacket or blazer, or over a turtleneck sweater. This method assists you in transitioning your muscle shirt from summer to fall or winter. 

  III. Include Accessories

Accessories may completely modify your outfit with a muscle tee. To dress up your muscle shirt look, add a distinctive necklace, scarf, cap, or a set of earrings. Accessories can also give a splash of color or texture to your look, making it more fascinating and one-of-a-kind.

  IV. Wear it with different types of bottoms

Your muscle tee can be worn with high-waisted jeans, shorts, a denim skirt, or wide-leg pants. The key to creating a range of clothes is to experiment with different styles and silhouettes, or distinct colors and patterns. 


A muscle tee for women is a versatile piece of apparel that can be worn in a variety of ways. There are innovative ways to make the most of your muscle tee, whether you’re trying for a casual or sophisticated look. Consider choosing the right muscle tee at a women’s custom or local embroidery shop to add a personal touch to your tee and make it one-of-a-kind.