The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lightweight Bomber Jacket for Any Season

Choosing the Perfect Lightweight Bomber Jacket for Any Season

The bomber jacket has been in style for decades now. This jacket was originally created for military pilots. Ever since it has become a classic fashion item that both men and women love to wear. The best part is that it is a versatile outerwear for all seasons. 

Since this jacket is sleek and lightweight, it is ideal to be worn on different occasions. And, both young and elderly people love to wear it to stay comfortable and styling throughout the day. But how to choose the right one from various options available on the market? 

In this guide, we’ll share with you some major factors to keep in mind while choosing a lightweight bomber jacket . But let’s find out its history before jumping into the factors. 

Bomber Jacket History

Bomber jackets were earlier only worn by WWI aviators. This military-influenced apparel slowly became a must-have item for both men and women ever since. But it was not always considered as a piece for effortless styling. 

Earlier it was more of a functional wear. The cropped waistline of the jacket can be attached with detachable fur for extra warmth. This made it ideal for long-time air flights, while its tightly fitted collars and cuffs protected wearers against drafts while preventing goggles from slipping off at the time of open-air cockpit flight. 

However, nowadays men and women love to wear them for both fashion and practicality. They treat this jacket as a weatherproof material that protects them against rainfall. Meanwhile, it makes them appear stylish at the same time. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lightweight Bomber Jacket For Any Season

   1. Material

The material is the number of choices that people need to consider when choosing a bomber jacket. There are various materials for making a bomber jacket. But the most popular ones are polyester, nylon, and cotton. Nylon is highly popular due to its durable, lightweight, and water-resistant ability. Polyester is another good material due to its lightweight and water-repellent nature that is also good for warmer weather. Cotton is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable material but it’s not as durable as the other two materials.  

   2. Fit

Another vital point to keep in mind is the fit of your jacket. A bomber jacket must have a snug fit around the wrists and waist for preventing the wearer from cold air. However, it must not be very tight to restrict your movement, otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable to wear. Do try different sizes to pick the best one.


 One can easily customize a bomber jacket in various styles. Need a custom bomber jacket? Show-Your-Spirit provides various colors and styles to choose from. For a perfect-sized bomber jacket, you need the come with the right style, length of the jacket, pocket placement, and collar type. 

A shorter bomber jacket is suitable for summer, whereas a longer one is ideal for winter. Even its collar type has a major impact on jacket style. But generally, you’ll find these jackets in traditional ribbed collars. Furthermore, you can choose a bomber jacket with multiple pockets or no pockets at all, depending on your preference.  

    4. Color

Selecting the right color for a jacket depends on your taste. But you also need to consider other colors present in your wardrobe. Neutral colors, such as gray, black, and navy are classic options that are ideal for any season. However, bright colors, such as yellow, red, and green are more popular in summer and spring. And, darker colors, such as forest green, brown, and burgundy are ideal for fall and winter.

   5. Lining

The lining of a jacket impacts its comfort and warmth. Although it may not need any lining if you need a jacket for summer, choose it with lining if you want to wear it in winter for additional warmth. Some common types of lining available for bomber jackets are quilted, satin, and fleece. Quilted lining is good for cooler weather due to its insulation property and lightweight material. Fleece lining is ideal for colder weather due to its softness, warmth, and comfort. Satin lining is a luxe option to add a touch of elegance to any jacket. 

   6. Top Brand/Retailer

It is best to choose a reputed brand for your lightweight bomber jacket to ensure that you get a high-quality product. Or consider buying from a top retailer, like Show Your Spirit, that offers high quality custom bomber jacket options. Such brands and retailers offer the best quality materials while paying attention to the detail. Hence, you can be confident about the longevity of your jacket. 

Final Thoughts

When looking for a lightweight bomber jacket, consider its fit, material, style, lining, and brand/retailer. Show Your Spirit provides you with a wide range of custom bomber jackets, check out their website for various styles and custom options to suit your style.